In the Community

14th Annual Sisters in Spirit Walk

Honouring our missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in downtown Calgary on October 4th, 2018

3rd Annual Calgary-Currie Stampede Breakfast with Wiener Dogs!

I was so happy to share Calgary-Currie with Premier Notley at my annual stampede breakfast. We had so much calling the wiener dog races together. Thanks to all 1,200 people who came out.

Bill 5 Celebration

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, I was happy to join Minister Sabir at Vecova to celebrate with community advocates and caregivers, the passing of Bill 5 - Henson Trusts.

Serving up a CFEP Grant to Wildwood Community Association on June 2, 2018

I met with Shauna and Orville from the Wildwood Community Association to congratulate them on re-surfacing their tennis court and their multi sport arena.


Henson Trust Bill 211

In December 2017, I was proud to introduce Bill 211 to the Alberta Legislature. Sadly, session ended before the bill was read for a 2nd time. In January, I have been in discussions with the Minister of Community and Social Services to find a way to make Henson Trusts eligible in Alberta.

Candy Cane cheer at Westbrook LRT

I had a wonderful time spreading holiday cheer at Westbrook LRT on Tuesday, December 19th. Happy Holidays to you and yours - Brian

Remembrance Day at Clearwater Academy

This is the second year I have been honoured to partake in Remembrance Day Services at Clearwater Academy. Beautiful music by the children. 

DDRC Inclusion Awards Oct 4, 2017

Chatting Henson Trust legislation on Calgary Today with Angela Kokott Sept 11, 2017

I was in studio at Corus Entertainment near Westbrook Mall to discuss the Henson trust consultations I have done over the summer and how my proposed legislation for my private members bill looks for the fall session.

Marda Gras 2017

Great conversations were happening at Marda Gras on August 13. I enjoy meeting families and pets every year at my favourite street festival.

Kerby Centre Stampede Breakfast on friday July 14, 2017

The Kerby centre had a record attendance this year. It was great to hand out coffee with my colleagues Kathleen Ganley and Stephanie McLean.

2nd Annual MLA Stampede Breakfast Glenbrook July 9

It was incredible to see so many of you from Glenbrook and elsewhere in Currie come out to my Stampede Breakfast. We had a great time with the wiener dog races.

Henson Trust Lethbridge June 10, 2017

I was in Lethbridge on June 10th to launch my second phase of Henson trust consultations with Maria Fitzpatrick, MLA for Lethbridge East.

Bankview Affordable Housing Re-Opening May 26, 2017

It was my pleasure to join Calgary Housing Company in re-opening a mixed market complex in beautiful Bankview.

Edmonton Henson Trust Consultation

We had two excellent consultation meetings in Edmonton about what needs to be considered in the Henson trust private members bill.

Calgary Henson Trust Consultation March 30, 2017

I hosted a consultation on March 30th with over 50 in attendance, on the viability of bringing the Henson Trust to Alberta through a private members bill. 

Budget Feedback

One of the best parts of being an MLA is knocking on doors and meeting constituents. Lately, I have been answering questions about Budget 2017. 

Celebrating a new Elevator at Bob Ward Residence

I was happy to meet Dan at the Horizon Housing Bob Ward residence in celebrating their new elevator thanks to many partners in our community as well as the Government of Alberta.

Remembrance Day at the Military Museums

It was an incredible turnout at the Military Museums this year on Remembrance Day. I was honoured to lay a wreath on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

Tour of Woods Homes in Parkdale October 18

I appreciate constituents who invite me to see what they are doing in the community with organizations such as Woods Homes. Incredible work is being done for kids with mental health.

HIV Community Link Scotiabank Aids Walk September 18, 2016

With Minister Ricardo Miranda, Leslie Hill the Executive Director of HIV Community Link, MLA Michael Connolly and Jason Lyver, Manager of Development

18th Annual Greek Fest in Spruce Cliff on September 16

I always look forward to Greek Fest at the Calgary Hellenic Centre in Spruce Cliff. Great neighbours, great food, and dancing. Thank you to the organizers for putting on such a fantastic  festival and sharing your culture with the City of Calgary.

Marda Gras

It was great meeting so many of you at Marda Gras on August 14, 2016

Soccer Without Boundaries at Glenbrook

Soccer Without Boundaries hosted a wonderful soccer game in Glenbrook on August 12 between neighbourhood kids and the Calgary Police.

Breakfast at the Kerby Centre

On the last Friday of Stampede, I joined my colleague Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice at the Kerby Centre to hand out coffee. There was a huge turnout.

Breakfast at ARBI

The Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured, a wonderful organization in Spruce Cliff held their annual Stampede Breakfast and it was an excellent success.

Calgary-Currie MLA Stampede Breakfast

Thank you to all who came out to my MLA Stampede Breakfast on July 10 at Killarney-Glengarry Community Hall. We had a huge turnout and I had a blast meeting so many people from the community. I already look forward to hosting another one next year. Let my office know if you want to volunteer or if you have any feedback from it.

The Stampede is off to a great start

I look forward to running into as many of you as possible at Stampede Breakfasts. Safe Stampeding.

Dedication Ceremony For Doc Seaman Theatre

We are so fortunate to have the Military Museums in SW Calgary. I have enjoyed the opening of a few exhibits including the recent opening of the Doc Seaman theatre.

Timbits Soccer Wind Up

Congratulations to all of the volunteers at Richmond Knob Hill, Killarney, Bankview and Rutland Park on another successful season of Timbits soccer here in late June. 

Lilac Festival

I was down at the Lilac Festival on June 5th with my colleagues from the NDP Caucus. We had a great time meeting festival goers from all over Calgary.

Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities AGM

We have several amazing non profit organizations in the riding such as the Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities. I was able to attend the AGM and visit several CSPD homes in Wildwood and Rosscarrock.



Nagar Kirtan 2016

I went to the Dashmesh Culture Centre with my colleagues to celebrate this year's Nagar Kirtan. Happy vaisakhi.

Glenbrook Community Rink receives a CFEP grant

The community association at Glenbrook works very hard to maintain their skating rink and to keep the local youth active. I look forward to the rink renovations so that this space can be used year round.

CASA Montessori Preschool at Beth Shechinah receives a CFEP Grant

It is great to have local preschools for families to walk to. Beth Shechinah received some facility upgrades so they could run the preschool space more smoothly. I met some volunteers working very hard to make the space better for their community.

Supporting Local Theatre

I am proud to be able to support local theatre companies and buildings such as Ghost River and the Pumphouse. In March, I visited a spring break theatre camp at the Pumphouse with the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ricardo Miranda, and Scott McTavish.

Winter Festivals

We are fortunate to have so many toboggan hills and skating rinks to enjoy in Currie. In February, I went to winter festivals at Westgate, Glenbrook and Glendale where I had a great time skating with parents, kids, and community organizers. 



Constituency Office Open House

I hosted an open house in my constituency office on October 24, 2015. We had discussions on the royalty review, the economy, safety regulations on persons with developmental disabilities, and education.

Recovery Acres Party in the Park