Posted on Sep 1, 2018

September Newsletter

For many in Calgary-Currie September means back to school. I am proud of the work Rachel Notley’s government has done since 2015 to preserve and protect Alberta’s education system. That means this fall students across Currie will be learning in classrooms with better supplies and playing on new and safe structures thanks to a $20 million investment that will make these playgrounds the focal points of strong communities. While our decision to fund enrollment growth each year has ensured that there are more teachers and classroom assistants across this province helping manage class sizes, we know that we must do more to ensure that class sizes go down - and one way we have done that is through announcing and then building, new schools. And finally, because education is one of the greatest investments we can make as a province in our collective futures, Education Minister David Eggen is overseeing the completion of the first curriculum rewrite our province has seen in 30 years.


But September is also the time of the year we as Calgarians celebrate our progressive roots. The month begins by taking to the street for Calgary Pride where the contributions our LGBTQ family make, and have made, to building an Alberta that is welcoming and accepting to all is on full display. Rachel Notley’s government has stood with Alberta’s gender and sexually diverse community, and as Minister of Service Alberta I was thrilled to announce changes to our driver’s licensing program that have been welcomed by Alberta’s trans community.


In September Albertans also commemorate the long fought struggle for worker rights - a five day work week, an eight hour day, a minimum wage - on Labour Day. And this October, Albertans earning minimum wage will become the first in Canada to earn $15 an hour for their labour; something we campaigned on in the spring 2015. Not only have studies shown that increasing the minimum wage is good for local businesses and communities because that money is spent close to home, earlier this year ‪retail sales in Alberta were the highest they've ever been - just short of $7 billion.


You will continue to see me out and about on your doorsteps and at community events before the legislature reconvenes later this year for the fall session. I will be out door knocking every Thursday evening in Calgary-Currie from now until the end of October, so if you want to join, just meet me at Westbrook Station at 5PM. Together we’ll canvass our neighbours until about 7PM.