Posted on Oct 31, 2016

November Newsletter

November is here, and that means that the Legislature is back in session, and my life gets even busier than it has been. When I’m out and about in the community, people often ask me “Why? It’s not like there’s an election soon?” My answer is simple: How else can I honestly represent the entire riding if I don’t know how people living here are feeling?

If I want to be a true conduit for the ebb and flow of the communities I represent, it is essential that I know what’s actually going on in those communities.

So when I walk in to the legislature, when I sit in committees, I am always thinking about people here in Calgary Currie whose lives will be touched by the legislation at hand. I think about the kind of stories they have told me. Stories about their successes, and stories about the problems they are facing.

When I’m doorknocking I hear all sorts of stories. Neighborhood kids come up and ask about a playground in their area, and I’ll meet a senior who is having difficulty getting out to socialize, or a drywalling professional facing a downturn in construction. To know about the lives people are leading, to know what is going on in their life, to then take that to the Legislature, is one of the things that gives me my greatest strength when I speak in the chamber. The story of Alberta is one that started decades, centuries, and millennia ago, but it’s a story that continues today. It is a story that is being carried forward in the daily lives we lead, in the daily trials and tribulations we face; It is a story being written every day by each and everyone one of us who plays a part of the Calgary Currie Community.

I will also make note that just like for the past 98 years, November is the month we take time aside and remember those who have had their lives taken in the service of their country. Remembrance Day ceremonies are held at the Military Museums, as well as the local Killarney Legion, and of course at the Cenotaph downtown.