Posted on May 1, 2017

May Newsletter

Wow. What a two years it has been! While I gear up for another busy month in the Legislature I thought I would reflect on what we have accomplished together. Back in 2015 I was selling large diesel generators to oil rigs and, like so many of you, I was concerned with the direction of the economy and the government of the day. Sales were slowing, and the solution being proposed was cuts and increased costs to average families. Health care premiums were increasing; no investments in schools were being made. Any progress on the construction of new pipelines had stalled.

I stand for a more progressive vision and I am honored you trusted me to do that work. As part of the NDP Caucus, I promised to support an increase to the minimum wage, because a person working full time shouldn’t need to go to the food bank. I promised on your doorsteps that we would invest in new schools, and affordable housing. In Calgary Currie this year $1.3 million is being spent on housing for seniors alone. I am proud to support our NDP government’s decision to reduce school fees, and many have told me they will welcome this change come September. And because we know post-secondary education is increasingly costly, our government froze tuition for a third year and have invested in re-training programs. Every day I support our government’s effort to make life better and more affordable for families in Calgary Currie and across Alberta.

To support the economy, we are continuing to build overdue infrastructure in our province. The construction of the ring road, a vitally important cancer centre, and new schools in Calgary creates jobs while our oil industry recovers. This approach was suggested to our government following a series of consultations led by former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge and it is the direction we continue to take. We’ve also decreased small business taxes from 3% to 2% to ease the load they carry.

The recent approval of two pipelines is starting to bring confidence and jobs back to our oil sector and to the economy as a whole. The Climate Leadership Plan has established a strong foundation so our main industry can once again thrive. We now have the approvals we need and Alberta is positioned for future growth in renewable and sustainable energy.

I invite you to join me on July 9, 2017 - to enjoy our community and to celebrate some of these accomplishments - at my annual Stampede Breakfast. This year’s breakfast will be held at the Glenbrook Community Centre from 9:00 to 11:30am. All are invited to attend. And for those of you keen to volunteer, please do contact my office. Helping hands are always welcome!