Posted on May 2, 2016

May Newsletter

Spring has truly sprung here in Calgary Currie. The snow is gone for another year (fingers crossed), and we relish the days getting longer as we inch closer to summer. Springtime means many things to many people but for me, the springtime activity that stands out from my youth is the planting of the garden. I can recall playing at gardening in my grandparents backyard garden. I marveled in the skill my grandmother showed in digging the trenches where I would put the seeds. She never took out more dirt than she needed, and she never needed to go back to dig deeper, she just seemed to know how much was needed. Many years later I now know that this skill wasn’t something she was taught, it was something she knew from doing it every year for decades on end. Looking back, a lot of the things I learned in that backyard garden are lessons I have kept with me for my whole life.

I learned about patience and diligence. No garden grows overnight, nor does one grow without constant attention. The changes that happen when looked at in isolation, are miniscule to the point that they are almost immeasurable. Over the course of a summer, the hard work of weeding, and watering transformed a tiny seed into a giant eggplant. The product of our garden labour is rarely seen up front, but boy, watching gardens grow over the course of a growing season is like nothing else. The ability to look to the future, to visualize what things will look like at the beginning, middle and end is a skill that I have found immeasurably transferable to my role as an MLA, giving us perspective of where we are on our particular journey in life.

Old, young,  or in-between, anyone can get into gardening. To encourage gardening, I have been reaching out to schools, community associations and individuals with gifts of seeds to be planted in community gardens, school planters, balcony flower pots and backyards across the riding.

If you would like some seeds for your own patch of dirt, feel free to stop by our office at 2108B 33ave SW, say hi and pick up your pack of seeds to help keep the tradition of gardening in Calgary alive.