Posted on Jun 2, 2016

June Newsletter

Summer is almost upon us and that means that Calgarians turn their eyes to one of the jewels in Alberta’s crown: our natural environment. When the thermometer cranks up in Calgary we look for ways to cool down. While some take to air conditioned movie theatres, others wander farmers markets in search of lemonade. Many however look outside the city to find an escape from the monotonous summer heat. In Alberta we are privileged by the bounty of natural beauty right on our doorstep. From large natural parks right here in Calgary like Nose Hill and Fish Creek, to afternoon outings to Big Hill Springs, or day trips to Dinosaur Provincial Park and of course the abundance of parks and recreational areas throughout the Rockies and Foothills.

We protect them for our enjoyment today, but also to ensure that they are there for future generations. It would be a terrible thing if in 100 or more years from now, for people to look back and ask why we didn’t do more to protect out fragile ecosystems.

The parks and protected areas of Alberta inspire people to discover, value, protect and enjoy the natural world and the benefits it provides for current and future generations.

Children who are exposed to the natural world take greater care of the natural world later in life. The learning that goes on in our wilderness teaches invaluable lessons, lessons that teach them to protect our watersheds, nurture our wildlife, and ensure that our natural bounty is here for the enjoyment of all, including the flora and fauna that grow and thrive there.

We as Albertans have inherited a world of transcendent beauty, let us make sure we do not spoil it. We may be the ones who live here now, the land is not ours, we are merely custodians of it for our children’s children.

Get out there, enjoy and protect it Alberta’s pristine wilderness. It’s here for all of us and all future generations.

To learn more about our parks and how to access them, feel free to visit or give them a call at 1-866-427-3582