Posted on Jan 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Years to one and all. I am excited to tackle the year ahead. If you did your taxes last year, this month will mark the first rebate you as an individual, may be eligible to receive, to offset the effects of the Carbon Levy. Transitioning our economy isn’t going to be easy, but it is something we must do, and it is something we must do here in Alberta. We know what our province is like, we know what we need, we know how to get there. By taking charge and boldly taking action on this front we are able to ensure a Made in Alberta solution to our carbon problem instead of simply waiting for a Made in Ottawa approach.

In Alberta we take matters into our own hands. While we see the need for occasional hand-outs, we far prefer hand ups. Give us the tools we need to succeed and we will succeed. The Carbon levy is a crucial part of transitioning Alberta to an economy of the future .Alberta is a leader, in Canada, and around the world. Our technical prowess, our intellectual creativity, and our perseverance are all things that have drawn others to this province for generations. This province is full of people who want to be at the front of the pack, driving the change, driving the action, and driving the future of our world. I am so proud that we are taking matters into our own hands and taking charge in a truly Albertan way.

How do you reduce your carbon footprint and thus your tax bill? I’ve seen some exciting initiatives in Currie, such as the Richmond Knob Hill Community Association building recently installing solar roof panels. In our own homes, we can use plastic window insulation, carpool more with our neighbours, take advantage of our cycle paths, or take public transit, as I know many of you already do.

Whatever you chose to do, it’s your Alberta, your environment. Let’s start the New Year off with moving our province forward toward a cleaner future.