Posted on Jan 31, 2017

February Newsletter

The arrival of February means longer days and more time to spend outdoors with family or friends. And if you are like me and enjoy Alberta’s natural beauty, then be sure to mark February 21 on your calendars because starting then you can make reservations at camp sites across Alberta. You can reserve a spot online at or by phoning the Contact Centre at 1-877-537-2757 (toll-free in North America). Till then - happy skiing!


February is also when Albertans celebrate Family Day. First celebrated in 1990, Family Day has become an opportunity for many Albertans to spend time with their families. However, if you have to work this holiday to provide for your family it is important that you be fairly compensated for doing so. If you are unsure, I encourage you to call the Employment Standards Contact Centre at 780-427-3731 or 1-877-427-3731. Many have also asked about other initiatives our government is taking to help Alberta families. I am pleased to report here that the government is currently assessing proposals to create 18 new child care facilities that will directly support Alberta working families. The government anticipates that successful applicants will be notified in March 2017. Be sure to watch for this announcement!


On the doorsteps of Calgary Currie many of you have told me being a Climate Leader is important because it helps diversify our province's economy. In early January qualifying households should have received their first payment of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Adjustment Rebate (ACLAR) - a tax-free amount paid to low and middle income individuals and families - that is designed to help you adjust to the new provincial carbon price. A variety of programs and services provided by Energy Efficiency Alberta are also being implemented to ensure that we remain Climate Leaders. For more information on the installation of energy-efficient products or small scale renewables for your home, business, non-profits, or institutions please contact the agency directly at 1-844-357-5604 (toll-free). In addition to these measures, the new Capital Investment Tax Credit is designed to encourage timely capital investments that offer opportunities for economic growth. The first application period began January 16 and will end later this month on February 15. For more information on how to apply please contact:  


Next month, my colleagues and I will be returning to the legislature, where I look forward to representing you. For me to do this well, it is important that I hear from you directly. That is why you will see me out door knocking at every opportunity or speaking with your neighbours at community events. I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for sharing your hopes for Alberta with me, and in particular, to those of you who returned to my office the mail-out surveys that you received in December. And as always, if you have any additional questions, concerns, or would like me to attend an event in your community, please do not hesitate to contact my office by phone (403-246-4794), by email (, or in person (2108 B - 33 Avenue SW).