Posted on Mar 31, 2016

April Newsletter

At the Glenbrook Community Association Skating Party in February

This month I would like to talk about one of the backbones of our city: Community Associations. These volunteer organizations are run by our friends and neighbors, often acting as the voice of the community, and they bring us together as Calgarians.

Making the community a great place to live work and play is probably one of the most important things Community Associations do. People come together to create the kind of community they want. We have stunning community gardens to enjoy, a variety of locally organized youth sports, seniors activities and several farmers markets, all thanks to Community Associations.

Working with the city, Community Associations are often those consulted first on changes coming to the community. Whether that be a new school zone, community garden, or changes to zoning, Community Associations are the front line our communities have representing our local interests.

It never ceases to amaze me how much creativity, hard work and commitment I see from people, taking time out of their busy lives to strengthen the community around them. There’s the soccer coach who is so dedicated to their kids that, even if it means driving around playing taxi before and after games, the coach ensures that all the kids in his community have a chance to play. There are the people who tend to the community skating rinks and make their phone number available to neighbours, so that when problems arise, as they always do, the first step of problem solving is kept local, with supportive friends and neighbours.

I try very hard to get out and participate in as many events that local Associations put on as I can. Recently I attended the Rosscarrock AGM. I’ve been skating and tasting delicious popcorn at the winter festivals in Glenbrook, Glendale and Westgate, and I’ve sat in the basement and had a beer in Killarney Glengarry with veterans from the legion.

If you have an event taking place in your community and might be interested in having me out, do not hesitate to give the office a call at 403-246-4794.

I am proud to represent so many communities supporting one another in such great ways. I would like to sincerely thank all of the hard working and talented community organizers we have here in Calgary Currie.